Easiest way to make building-wide announcements.

Make P.A. announcements and lockdowns from any mobile phone or computer, from anywhere.

Creating safer learning environments for over 70,000 plus students in

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Group multiple P.A. systems together
Be it to another school on the other side of town or different parts of the district, Sonarcloud lets you send immediate announcements over the P.A to multiple schools with no hassle.
Announcements and real-time translation from your P.A. system
P.A announcements from your mobile phone from anywhere in the school or across the country. Our real-time translation, lets your announcements speak out any language over the speakers reaching all your students.
Schedule P.A. announcements and school bells
Announcements can also be scheduled conveniently, saving valuable time.
Bells and music can be scheduled to play from our app and be controlled seamlessly.
Send audio to those out of reach of your P.A.
Everyone will always have the latest on your announcements thanks to Sonarcloud’s automatic features, everyone will be kept in the loop with the goings on of your school.

Administrators Love Sonarcloud.

At Sonarcloud we believe better communication inside to students/staff creates safer learning environments.
We achieve this by adding our plug and play hardware to your existing P.A. system enhancing it, making it a budget-friendly solution for schools.

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