Jesse Baptiste -Founder Peopleppl LLC

I started Peopleppl LLC dba Sonarcloud after witnessing a frightening experience at a school my children attended. During the afternoon pickup, one of the children was unaccounted for, and their parent was in a panic. The school administrators scrambled to locate the child and to explain what happened. After lots of questions and running back and forth, it was determined that the child had been picked up by a guardian who was not on the approved list. While this episode only lasted a few moments, and had a positive outcome, the feeling of fear and helplessness that this parent experienced, stuck with me for some time. I thought about my own children and what I could do to help keep them safer when at school, especially in emergency situations.

I spoke with the principal about their emergency communications, and he explained many of the challenges that they often encounter in crisis situations. The most basic yet significant challenge in these situations was that the Public Address (PA) phone is located in an office somewhere across the school, making it difficult to reach and make announcements quickly. I spoke with other administrators, staff, and other parents and we all realized this was a real concern. Since then, I’ve encountered other frustrations with everyday in-school communication (such as bells). The barrier for most schools is that they have existing equipment and would require a significant investment to upgrade. However, Sonarcloud uses their existing equipment saving the school money while increasing safety and communication.

Our mission at Sonarcloud is to help schools improve in-school communication, and to create safer learning environments for students and staff.